About us


  • FruityBoBo成立於2018
  • 推動水果品牌年輕化
  • 致力於網上平台為客戶提供高質素水果,生活雜貨及配送服務
  • 服務包括: 水果訂購/自訂水果禮籃/公司每週水果計劃/企業商務水果訂購

Company Profile

  • FruityBoBo was founded in 2018 Promote the rejuvenation of fruit brands
  • Committed to online platform to provide customers with high quality fruit, lifestyle products and delivery service
  • Services include: Fruit Order / Custom Fruit Gift Basket / Company Weekly Fruit Plan / Corporate Business Order


  • 憑果寄意本店宗旨
  • 務求將世界各地果農嚴選新鮮水果送予客戶手中
  • 推動環保, 推出自家環保用具, 減少用膠袋
  • 宣揚健康飲食 生活品味文化

Company mission

  • Provide fresh fruit from all over the world to the customers 
  • Promote environmental protection, launch our own environmental protection appliances, reduce the use of plastic bags to
  • Promote healthy food and quality living culture

For Corporate Fruit Order and details please fill the form–> Fruity Bobo Corporate Fruit Order

For Academic School Order and details please fill the form–> Fruity Bobo BabyTots Fruit Order